Model for a day!!!

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Heard of writer’s block? I may have got caught up or stuck in a moment so to speak. So, now that I am back again, into the swing, I’d prefer to stick on to it what ever may be the case.

This was an interesting shoot with a colleague who did not know she had it in her, the looks. I was too obsessed with her curls that I had to get her to pose for me whatever it takes, well, she finally did. The pink looked a lot better on her than the blue but my bet is that she could try anything and its still fine. Some people simply have it all.

I could not have got any of this without my light guy or girl or the diffuser (you have to say that with the slight wave of your hand). Thank you Priyanka!! At least, now I know  I can rely on you now.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. hitesh969 says:

    Nice work Preets!!

  2. Albert mahesh says:

    Awesome !! The foto & the Beauty 🙂

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