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I watched as he stared at the corner of the door, pawed at it and waited almost impatiently for his master to return. It was as though he could not trust anyone else for his life. No, it wasn’t even for an hour, I would say maybe 15 minutes, that was all it took for his master to go to his car to return with something he had forgotten. His ears picked up as  he sensed foot step frequencies only doggy ears could detect and jumped in joy as the door knob turned and his master walked in. I watched in awe as such affection cannot be witnessed in humans and was probably more amusing to my cat who along with me watched the bewildered dog showering his master with affection (which I think she feels is too much hard work). She gets her way with being exactly how she is……feline!!!!



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  1. Narayan says:

    Hello Brownie, this is your Narayan uncle…. Bow Bow Bow !!!

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