Man of Steel



‘It’s a bird’, ‘It’s a plane ….. No it’s…

Well, I’m sure you have heard the rest. If you have a 4 year old boy and the TV constantly playing it on a regular basis with the ‘Superman saves the day, once again’….and again and again until you learn to tune your ears out to that frequency and all things well again. And many years from then what do you get!!! The same evolved version of Superman and the rest of the heroes, except this time, the same kids have grown and yet not given up on these characters only to have developed them into a more fictional and more legendary form of life savers. Who would have thought being into entertainment would be a real job? I surely didn’t. 

I am not a big fan of the blue suited guy who is cute no doubt but too emo for my liking. And I’ve watched a lot of versions of the Clark Kent/Louis Lane serious which always had a happy ending no matter what (quite lame too….saving a damsel in!!). And I think and still agree that the last Superman movie was a total disaster, waste of money and time and a total disgrace to the comic book character which I am sure many follow. Never intended to watch ‘The man of Steel’ until I knew who was behind it all. Christopher Nolan and David Goyer can change history (or shall I say change comic book history) they’ve changed my perspective of super heroes. I won’t call my self a comic book fan, but my son sure is and I am 100% updated whether I like it or not 😛  

If you keep your minds open one can learn life from these characters, how they manage to balance good and evil…and how that prevails even to this day in ways more complicated than one can imagine. the way in case you haven’t noticed…don’t miss the S in the all time logo…different!

A whole new look…love it, can’t wait 🙂


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