Vivian Maier- Inspirational

Trying to pull through life is hard for many of us including myself.  You can read about important people like chefs and inspirational speakers who have made it from scratch and have their own ways of how to get there. This gives you some motivation, a little bit of a shove and a push. But then again you have those days when you simply want to drop everything and run away because corporate life is just not what you are, or what you want. There is a certain part of you who wants to see things in a different way, you know you are more than what you are right now, you are convinced but the million dollar question is ‘how’. It  is the choices you make in life and to take it to another day I try to look for inspiration. It’s on one of these days I came across Vivian Maier, a little news clip which unfolded before me, the news was too fresh at the time but her profile stuck on. I could not take her off my mind for some odd reason and kept thinking of her. Life moved on and once again I am in this little pot hole I keep getting pushed into and looking for signs. It is not luck but something more today that I find this BBC series which is being made, posted by my favourite blog. These are signs I prefer not to ignore.

For those who don’t know Vivian Maier, I can simply describe her as a nanny who took photography to a whole new level at an age where street photography was non-existent. She used nothing but a simple Rolleiflex and film. She walked miles and miles and documented everything on her way, she worked as a nanny and never even thought of publishing her work. Her images have a rustic and mysterious feel to it, a talent which she has developed entirely on her own. These are not simple snap shots but there is definitely more to it. I am very keen to keep reading and knowing more in this series. A woman who died and have not bothered to show off her collection but did this for the pure satisfaction of being a photographer. This is not just inspiration but it has made me sit up and think of what I have in life I can use.

In this day and age, images are taken from a phone or a hand-held device, posted on-line every day. Instagram, facebook, pinterest and more have collectively taken over our lives and our work force. On-line networking is used widely for work and marketing. In this on-line jungle there is still space for those rustic, black and white images that seem to take center stage at exhibitions for eyes that can see it.

For someone who has been clearly passionate and expected nothing from it, she has now become my most favourite photographer, someone I want to learn more of, someone I want to learn more from.

Follow the link below for more awesome articles and learning – the digital photography school, if you haven’t done so already, I recommend it 🙂


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