All American cheeseburger

IMG-20131123-WA0003I admit this is isn’t one of my best shots, taken from the standard samsung camera phone with normal lighting but it does look quite juicy and yummy. The lettuce was a bit broken though fresh but you can see the juicy burger through those buns, the cheese oozing out nicely on the sides, the onion and the tomato resting smug and the rest of the dressing falling over the whole mount of awesome meat. I couldn’t but resist. Since, the past one week, my brother who is visiting US has been boasting about the ALL American cheeseburger and posting images. Last week, a few friends decided to go out and we landed up in Shake Shack, another burger joint….. All this burger talk around me and I could not resist but at least try to re-create the awesomeness. So I found a simple recipe on-line and decided….one weekend…this is it. I am doing it. Ok, maybe the look is not that perfect but I did it 🙂

Juicy meat with all the sauces just melting in your mouth. And it stood the test of taste….my son. I was too busy making these burgers and missed to count how many he gulped down in a go….lol!!!

Well, I am so glad I tried. Now I know what to cook up easy for a bunch of hungry boys.



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