Large family photoshoot

Working with large families can be a bit daunting and challenging, especially when little kids are involved, although I had good fun. I remember I had almost missed a beat when the client mentioned the number of people that was going to be available, I almost stood up from where I was sitting but was excited to try it out nevertheless. The kids were very accomodating. I researched all kinds of images and had them all in my head but by the time I saw all of them I must admit I went blank for a few minutes and regained myself only as we started working.

I enjoy working in available, natural light, just positioning people against the sun was the challenge. Shades and bright sunlight brought about a good natural high key setting which seemed perfect and to my liking. Not much of post editing, except for a bit of color correction for effect. Beach is a perfect place for family portrait sessions. I highly recommend it. I must try with contrast colors for my next assignment, maybe yellow or dark red. And some props.

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