Family photos

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The little people again!!

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Its fun working with the one year olds but bigger kids can get even more fun to work with. Here’s an extended family more than happy to pose and get awesome for me. I’m running out of ideas…..!!!!

1 year Old – Cake Smash

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The most fortunate and blessed part of this job is to be able to follow moments in ones life and to be able to make them ┬ámemorable. I know this little munchkin from his mommy’s womb and now he is one cheeky little 1 year old.

My Furry Little Princess

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My eyes open, not to the screech of the hated alarm clock but to the meowing of my little princess who keeps time for me, especially in the wee hours of the day as her feeding should not be missed. Sometimes I stare into her face as I open my eyes, other times she would cuddle up with me until I woke up and at times, if I am too deep in slumber I can feel a little furry paw on my cheeks. But she never misses. I then have her following me around the house, whatever I do. I have cat eyes watching my every move. When she was younger she would jump on a table and try to push something over and in between sneak a peak if I’m watching because obviously I will jump up to catch the falling object. Yes, she was that cheeky!!

Coming out of the loo and there she is staring up at me…

‘what do you want, baby?’

Meow…she goes.

I nod..Ok…whatever that means.

In the kitchen she has a spot…right at my feet…wherever my feet are..that is.

Her favourite sea food, small prawns. Being such a house cat, she doesn’t know how to eat raw fish. That’s mostly my fault, I agree. But she loves her tin food, wet ones, tuna. She would never steal food or jump on the tables. She had a princess mindset, ‘I will demand my food at my spot and it damn well be there or I’ll meow even louder’.

After work as I open the door and enter, there she is rolling with her belly up for a cuddle and neck rub. A brief show of affection and off she goes to slumber again. She made that a habit with everyone who walked in, neck rub first before you take your shoes off.

She loves to annoy my son, as he bangs away on the keyboard. She paws his hands, lies prostrate on the keyboard, toys with the mouse…whatever it takes to steal his peace. He will throw her out and close the door, she would then come crying to me and I have to open the door and let her in again and the saga continues. As if all her other sleeping spots around the rest of the house are no longer comfortable.

‘Play with me now..I am not sleepy yet’.

There is a spot on a small shelf that she loves to occupy as she gets a view of some pigeons outside the window. She stares at them for hours trying to figure out what to do or maybe imagining a hostile attack..who knows!! I assume she has been contemplating taking over the world but a nap time always interrupts.

Changing bed sheets is a task as immediately she finds it very amusing jumping in between the sheets and pillows.

Vacation time and packing suitcases is another amusing event as she keeps jumping into the case or tries to sleep in the case.

When my brother visits and he settles into the sofa for the night, she would perch on the higher side of the sofa back rest. She would settle in comfortably, watch him sleep and very smoothly step over his belly to jump down.

No conversation is complete without her meowing in agreement or otherwise.

These and many more are all fond memories that will remain fresh for a very long time. Every move, every chore reminds me of her. Her cat eyes watching me at every turn. The emptiness is hard to fill although I thank God for the 11 years she had with us. She was more human than feline. She walked into our lives as a 3 month old beaten down street kitten, lived like a princess, gave us love that no human can reciprocate, shared companionship and finally slipped away to cat heaven as her time had come, leaving fond memories that can never be forgotten.

Just the other day outside a cafeteria a little feline head popped out and rubbed off my feet. It looked up at me with those pussy cat eyes. Although I did have a strong urge to stroke it, I moved away. Cheetah can never be replaced, I know, but it sure is going to take me a very very long time to even consider another pet.

Profiling or Portraits

Profiling can be a bit tricky. I am trying to get into to creating portraits that can tell a story and bring the character out of my subject. This pretty lady for instance is an artist, and I wanted to incorporate her work into her profile as well. Single strobe 45 degree angle and 90 degree mainly, for a mood.

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A Birthday fit for a Princess

I love themes, and I love Princess themes. The party was awesome too with an awesome Princess themed cake. I, however, enjoyed the family photo shoot session the best. The kids were so so cooperative. Really love working with kids. And so here’s introducing Princess Sophia and baby Spiderman.

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